N.V. Ramana pushes for a 50 percent female judicial quota.

N.V. Ramana, India's Chief Justice, pushed for 50% judicial quota for women on Sunday, calling it a "right" rather than a "charity."

In order to increase the number of women lawyers in the nation, Justice Ramana also advocated for the reservation of seats for women in all law schools and universities.

Such reforms would necessitate legislative action, which would necessitate political will and government effort. Justice Ramana hinted that he was "pressuring the executive to make particular judgments."

The Chief Justice was speaking at a ceremony hosted by the Supreme Court Women Bar Association to honour the nine new Supreme Court justices who were recently appointed.

“Women of the world, unite!” he cried, slightly changing Karl Marx's rallying cry. Only your shackles are at stake.”

“Granting 50% reservation for women is not a minor issue since women have been suppressed in our nation for hundreds of years,” Justice Ramana said.

You are entitled to 50% reserve as a matter of right, not as a gesture of goodwill.”

“I don't know if I'll be here or someplace else,” he continued, “but I'll be extremely delighted if we achieve this goal.”

After visiting the country and meeting with stakeholders, Justice Ramana came to the conclusion that women were woefully underrepresented in the courts.

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