[Register before September 30, 2021] Palkhivala Memorial National Moot Court (Virtual) Competition,

The Nani A. Palkhivala Memorial National Moot Court Virtual Competition, 2021, is being organised by Maharashtra National Law University Mumbai in collaboration with the All India Federation of Tax Practitioners and Maharashtra Goods and Services Tax Practitioners Association. It brings Maharashtra National Law University Mumbai great pleasure to announce one of the country's most renowned tax moots, which will be conducted from November 26th to November 28th, 2021.

  • Eligibility and Team Make-Up:

1.All students enrolled in a bona fide undergraduate programme in law, i.e., 3 years/5 years from any college or university, are eligible to compete.

2.Each college/university is only permitted to enter one team into the competition.

3.Each team will have three members, two of whom will be presenters and one of whom will be the researcher.

  • Enrollment:

1.By September 30, 2021, the teams must confirm their enrollment by submitting the Google form receipt (6:00 PM IST).

2.For registration, please send an email to mcs@mnlumumbai.edu.in.

3.With the exception of medical circumstances, any changes to the team's makeup will not be considered after the memorials have been filed.

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