The Supreme Court has removed the government ad with PM Modi's photo from its official emails.

The Supreme Court on Friday removed a government ad banner from its official emails that featured Prime Minister Narendra Modi's face and the words "sabka sath sabka vikas."

“Late last evening, it was brought to the attention of the Registry of the Supreme Court of India that the official emails of the Supreme Court of India were carrying an image as a footer, which had no connection whatsoever with the functioning of the Judiciary,” according to a Supreme Court statement released here. The National Informatics Centre, which provides email services to the Supreme Court, has been ordered to remove the image from the footer of all emails sent from the Court. It was also told to use a photograph of India's Supreme Court instead. Since then, NIC has followed SCI's instructions.”


SC has done again another excellent job. Isn't it reasonable to expect all departments to adhere to the same policy? After all, democracies are not managed by a single person, nor are all powers vested only in the PM's persona.

It is a collaborative effort. Thus, all departments must use their own emblems for footers. Make sure that everyone understands the importance and visibility of each department and its leaders.

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