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1.Our legal system does not take into account the realities of society. NV Ramana, India's Chief Justice, stated that the judicial system must be "people-friendly." It is imperative that the legislature review and change existing laws to meet the demands of the people. Most essential, the legislative and executive branch should work together to overcome constitutional obstacles.


2.In K Siva versus The Bar Council of Tamilnadu and Pondicherry and Ors, the Madras High Court declared that every person has the right to comment on government policy and have their opinions heard. The judges went on to say that there is a distinction between complaining and demonstrating.


3.In the case of Abraham Thomas Puthooran vs. Manju, the Kerala High Court ruled that According to Abraham, a claim of prejudice against a judge must be based on fair and justified grounds. It should not be based on guesswork or supposition. The burden of proof is always on the individual who makes the allegation. Accepting a claim of prejudice without any supporting evidence jeopardises the judiciary's credibility and independence.


4.Our courts have developed a culture of adjourning cases. The Supreme Court said in Ishwarlal Mali Rathod vs Gopal that it not only slows the proceedings but also reduces plaintiffs' trust in the justice delivery system. The courts must break the habit of adjourning cases. Anything that weakens the system and undermines the public's trust in the legal system must be avoided.

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