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1. In State of UP vs Principal Abhay Nandan Inter College, the Supreme Court ruled that there is no distinction between minority and non-minority sponsored schools. The right to government assistance is not a basic right. A non-minority institution's claim to protection cannot be expanded into a superior one. Granting aid is a governmental choice, not a basic right to exercise or seek.


2. In Mahadev Meena versus Raveen Rathore, the Supreme Court stated that the court must examine the gravity of the crime, the involvement of the accused in that crime, his stance about the occurrence and the victim, and other factors before giving bail to the accused. When granting bail, parity (comparison) must not be misconstrued in connection to the other accused who has been granted bail.


3. The Talaqnama's usage of the phrase "irrevocably" does not make divorce unlawful if the parties attempted to reconcile. According to the Kerala High Court in A Sajani versus B Kalam Pasha, a talaq becomes irreversible only after three lunar months have passed.


4. Section 53A of the Transfer of Property Act only applies when a purchase agreement is complete and accurate. It can't be empty. According to the Kerala High Court in Ligy Paul vs Mariyakutty and Ors, the agreement must be enforceable by law and must not fit or suit any condition put out under section 23 of the Indian Contract Act.

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