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1. In Abhinav Kohli vs. State of Maharashtra, the Bombay High Court found that a mother's job commitment did not exclude her from having custody of her kid. Custody and parenting decisions are not only based on how much free time a parent has or can spend to a kid. A child's essential human right is to receive love and affection from both parents.


2. The accused's guilt cannot be proven until and until all evidence and witnesses are reviewed. In the case of State of Karnataka versus Santhosh, the Karnataka High Court stated that it can only be determined after the whole examination procedure.


3. In United India Insurance versus Sushil Kumar Godara, the Supreme Court ruled that there should be no fundamental breach of the insurance contract's terms. The insurance company might refuse the insurance claim if the car was not registered at the time of the event.


4. In Rajendra Narottamdas Sheth vs Chandra Prakash Jain, the Supreme Court decided that whether an application under section 7 of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code was submitted within a limitation period or not, the financial creditor has the burden of evidence. However, if the Corporate Debtor has placed anything on record, the court can look into it.


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