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1. In V. Prabhakara vs. Basavaraj K. (Dead) by L.R. & Ors {MANU/SC/0810/2021} the Supreme Court ruled that leaving a sibling out of a will does not raise doubts about its validity. As opposed to a criminal court, a testamentary court hears cases only on the basis of evidence. Instead of relying on ethical reasoning, it must take all relevant information into account. If it is surrounded by other conditions that create an assumption, it may raise suspicions.


2. Nasib Singh & Ors. vs. State of Panjab { MANU/SC/0343/2016} that an accused's conviction or acquittal cannot be reversed solely on the basis of the possibilities of a joint or separate trial. To have a case set aside, you'll have to show that the rights of one or both parties were violated.


3. The Supreme Court ruled in Urvashi Aggarwal & Ors. vs. Inderpaul Aggarwal {MANU/SCOR/20985/2021} that a mother's capacity to care for her children does not release the father from his responsibilities. The whole financial burden must not fall on the mother. A father has an equal obligation to provide for his children's needs.


4. On Saturday, the Central Government authorized the transfers of Chief Justices from 13 High Courts. Chief Justices of High Courts are appointed by the president in exercise of the authority granted by Article 143.


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