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1. After ruling in Nasib Singh vs. State of Punjab, the Supreme Court made it clear that retrials may only be ordered in rare cases, not on a regular basis. In the event of a reversal of the trial, all evidence collected will be wiped clean. In general, it's impossible to do a full U-turn.


2. In Nitaben Dinesh Patel vs. Dinesh Dahyabhai Patel, the Supreme Court ruled that no remedy may be sought against a third party when proceedings between a husband and wife are pending under the Hindu Marriage Act. Any litigation may be amended if it becomes essential to resolve the true issues in dispute.


3. It was ruled by the Supreme Court in Bechai (dead) vs. Jag Ram that an Article 136 special leave petition cannot be maintained against merely a review order. There is no way to appeal the main decision if the High Court rejects the review petition.


4. Justice Abhay Oka said at a Thane District Court event that the Indian judiciary is now experiencing a credibility problem. Those in the legal profession have a responsibility to help restore trust in the system. To be successful, the legal job must be completed flawlessly and without delay.


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