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1. When the Commissioner of Income Tax, Chennai vs. Mohammed Meeran Shahul Hameed case came before the Supreme Court, the court ruled that the date on which the assessment order was received had no bearing on calculating the limitation period for a revision by the Principal Commissioner under Section 263 of the Tax Act.


2. When it comes to the Cruise Ship Drug case, prominent attorney Amit Desai, who represents Aryan Khan, claims that none of the recoveries listed in the Panchnama were made by Aryan himself. As the lawyer put it, we've adopted reformation and hold it in the highest regard. They're children, not street vendors. They've come to their senses. Let's not put them through that ordeal.


3. The Kerala High Court emphasized the suffering of sexual assault victims once again. Hearing about sexual assault victims being harassed by police officers breaks my heart. Things aren't being executed properly despite the instructions that have been given to the authorities. Whether a victim compensation system is put in place, it should be closely examined to see if the process is followed.


4. It was announced on Tuesday by the Central Government that the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Amendment Rules, 2021, will come into effect in the year 2021. Pregnancy termination up to 24 weeks has been made legal under the Act in specific circumstances. Sexual assault survivors, rape victims, children, and so on may fall into this group, depending on the specifics of the attack. If the termination is needed for a period longer than 24 weeks, the Act calls for the creation of a medical board that will provide an opinion on the matter.


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